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About Me

/Who I Am

How would I describe my purpose in life? Life is all about the people you meet and the relationships you develop. I love to make life easier for everyone by figuring out how to do things better. What really fires me up? Learning by doing, helping others make progress and problem-solving. I’m a supporter of others, honest and direct, love to learn and am extremely empathetic.

I have a history of re-invention. I went from being a computer science graduate (with a Masters in Music Education) to becoming a lead software engineer to starting one of the largest free family festivals in Ireland, the Street Performance World Championship, in 2006. That festival went on to win national awards and attracts an audience of over 250,000 people yearly. It broke world records year after year and remains one of the most loved events in the Irish festival calendar. Now I coach on Seth Godins renowned altMBA Program, designed to accelerate professionals as they become change agents for the future.

My goal is to work with people who want to effect great change in themselves and their organisations. I have the experience and a successful track record to help you identify and make the changes you need.

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Conor really helped me see the bigger picture through his unique way of guiding the conversation and peppering our time together with big questions. I'm very lucky to have great people in my life already; people who listen all evening while I figure stuff out, and people who slap tables and shout 'girl you need get this done asap....
Carla Bredin,
…But Conor was the perfect blend of listener and advisor. He steered the conversation from contemplation to action. I felt heard AND guided, which was exactly what I was looking for; impartial and practical solutions to big business decisions. It has helped me immensely. I've been able to grow my business from one Saturday a month to 5 days a week, and if there were an Oscars speech for this, Conor would be top of my list of thank-yous.


/What I can do for you


I create value for you through noticing the things you dont, identifying the risks you can’t see and helping you work through what matters the most.


We all have ideas and projects that matter. If it matters, you need to find the right people to work with and together we will work hard to make them happen.I want to be a part of the projects that matter to you.


I believe that a good business is a mix of art and science. I’ll help you find the right mix.


I am an astute and proven leader with lots of experience achieving results through clear goal setting.


I understand whats holding your decision-making back, and it usually starts with emotions.


Lets start by asking the right questions, the right way.


I read and study topics related to leadership and decision making so you don’t have to.


Why are your customers, your customers? The core ‘Why’ of your business is the only thing that matters, so let’s find out what it is.


I will only work with people who are dedicated to improving professionally and personally.

Goal Setting
Business Model Design
Decision Making
Organisational Change
Leveraging and Constraints
Assets, boundaries and narratives
Dealing with Opportunity Costs


14years of experience
4national entrepreneur awards
5business awards


/Excellent Ireland

There are many successful and talented people in Ireland who have worked hard and worked smart to make themselves prominent in their field. Each of their stories and lives is different and I have found that they are often fascinating and hugely informative. On my podcast, Excellent Ireland, I hope to bring some of those stories out. Check it out here.


/Past work experience that makes me ready to assist you

Dec, 2017

The Marketing Seminar Graduate

The Marketing Seminar is structured with a proven, tested process for understanding the basics of marketing for todays world, for seeing what you've been overlooking, and discovering how to make change happen. Led by Seth Godin, one of the world's experts in marketing, The Marketing Seminar is marketing from the heart, soul and mind.
The Marketing Seminar 

altMBA Graduate

The altMBA is an intensive, 4-week online workshop designed by Seth Godin for high-performing individuals who want to level up and lead.
altMBA Perkins Award Winner. (as chosen by altMBA coaches)

May, 2016
Mar, 2016

NLP Practitioner

Accredited by Society of NLP

Accredited ESL Teacher

CELT Qualification

Accredited by Irish Department of Education/ACELS

Apr, 2014
May, 2003

MA, IT in Music Education

Trinity College Dublin

BA, Information Communication Technology/Computer Science

Trinity College Dublin

Jun, 2001
Nov, 2017

Website Development

Creation of website for TV Production company Green Pavilion

Sales Copywriter (Freelance)

Creation of sales page content

Jun, 2017
Feb, 2017

Empathy Test (Director)

Psychological validation of products, services and experiences.

Psychological validation of products, services and experiences.

altMBA Coach

The altMBA is a customised, four-week intensive immersion program created by Seth Godin. It is designed to accelerate professionals as they become change agents for the future. The ultimate goal of the program is to connect and amplify extraordinary people and transform the way they see, the way they think and the way they work. Students are an international mix of executives, entrepreneurs, innovators and artists with the common thread of making change happen.

Oct, 2016
Mar, 2016

The Evertides

I worked with the Evertides to help them formulate an ongoing business strategy, including detailed marketing & PR plans as well as helping them develop their relationship management skills.

 icon-music The Evertides

Freelance Writing

I provide freelance content writing services for clients in the event industry

Jan, 2016
Jan, 2016

Taste With Gusto

I worked with Franco from Taste With Gusto to help him redevelop his brand for his successful Italian food business in Ireland.

 icon-cutlery Taste With Gusto

We Banjo 3

I worked with We Banjo 3 (Award-winning Irish and Bluegrass Tenor Banjo Band) on creating a Sponsorship Seeking Strategy to attract corporate partners.

icon-music We Banjo 3

Oct, 2015
Aug, 2015

Wild Healthy

WildHealthy are specialists in Nutritional Medicine. They approached me to work together on the creation of a long term business strategy, including brand development and relationship management.

 icon-heart-o Wild Healthy

StoryHouse Festival

I was approached by Element Pictures to perform a feasibility study to ascertain the possibilities of establishing a festival of serialised TV drama in Ireland.

icon-film  Festival of serialised TV Drama

Jul, 2014
Sep, 2012

SteamLine Luggage

SteamLine Luggage is a vintage luggage company, established in Ireland. I was brought on in 2012 to work on their business development strategy as the business began to grow. Amongst other things, this included establishing financial forecasts, stock control systems, relationship management, streamlining of their supply chain and budget control.

 icon-plane SteamLine Luggage

Republic Of One

Republic of One is a women's fashion accessories business started in Ireland in 2006. I worked with them to strengthen their business model (including budget management and 3 -year strategy development) as they transitioned within the women's accessories space.

 icon-female Republic Of One

Mar, 2012
Aug, 2006

Street Performance World Championship

CEO, Emergent Events

 icon-trophy (now Laya Healthcare's City Spectacular) From concept to execution, I co-founded and managed what is now one of Ireland’s biggest festivals, the Street Performance World Championship (now City Spectacular). Over the course of this business, I secured millions of Euros in corporate sponsorship, tens of millions in publicity value, developed the World Championship into a nationwide brand, and successfully implemented some of the biggest publicity stunts in the country.

Awards include Best Live Music or Entertainment Event (Event Industry Awards), Outstanding Small Business (Small Firms Association), Best Ongoing Sponsorship (Allianz Business to Arts Awards) and David Manley Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Lead Software Developer

Digital Enterprise Solutions

  • Software architecture design and implementation
  • Team Organisation and Management
  • Marketing and PR Management

Jan, 2005


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